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August 11th Meeting of the GPAA Chapter 21

Meeting was called to order by President Mike Pung @ 7:30pm.
Officers present; Ken Daley, VP; Lester Allen, Treasurer; Bert Cramer, Club house Mgr; & Paul Southerland our Claims manager. Teresa Orosco, Secretary is playing on her new property, hopefully finding lots of gold!

Attendance was 33 tonight. Mike welcomed two new visitors, Mike from Yukon, moving here from Alamogordo, New Mexico, retired from the Army, no prospecting experience and Mark from El Reno with knowledge gained from an old-timer in Arizona. Dean brought his daughter Paula as his official driver. New visitors got a bag of dirt from Lake Superior. Mike joked that Our goal is to make everybody a "Golddigger". In this occupation, Golddigger and DirtBag are good terms. Since Mike went to Alaska, Kenia Peninsula, today everyone will be getting a bag of Alaska dirt with about 15-20 pieces, since that's what he was getting - Christmas for everyone in August!.

Lester Allen gave the financial report for August. Jon made motion to accept the report. Dean seconded. Motion passed.

The July minutes were recorded, printed and sent to each member's preferred email or postal address on file. Jon made motion to accept. Dean seconded. Motion passed. Mike told members to be sure to update info on sign in sheet if not getting newsletter.

3 people here have joined the GPAA and Chapter 21 has gotten the credits, points, which we get to use to purchase items for the club. We're working on getting some of our missed points back, but there's no decision on the total amount yet. Mike will keep us informed.
 Blackburn date has been set for August 18-20th. See bottom of this letter for directions. Make sure you have your email information written down on the sign in sheet very clearly so we can get the information to you. Mike will not be there, he will be in Como, Colorado for their Pioneer Train Day. His partner Red & the prospecting community will be there. Red is trying to open up more mining areas so we have more places to go. He already has a couple of places. We can check them out later this fall.

The 21st is the big solar eclipse so make you take your Welder's Helmet! If you don't have Welder's Goggles, you can take a piece of paper, punch a pin hole in it, and broadcast the light onto another sheet of paper, looking down at the second sheet. Do not look at the sun unprotected! Mike did it last time there was an eclipse in Reno, Nevada, using a piece of cardboard to make the pinhole in, and broadcast the shadow 30 feet away, onto a wall so other people could see. Science Channel will be broadcasting it live. 2024 will be the next time it happens.

Grady County Kids Fair Day will be Friday, Aug. 25th at the Grady County fairgrounds 2500 E. Choctaw Ave in Chickasha.  We will be having a 30x30 booth. Needing volunteers to help. Twenty to thirty workshops will be happening throughout the day. Lots of stuff for your kids to do, so put this on your calendar. Event hours are: 9 am to 2 pm. We will have a panning trough, dirt, pans, tarp. If you want to do a presentation, they are 20 minutes long. Mike will be there. Help kids understand the geology of gold, have lots of fun.

Last meeting Mike mentioned he was contacted by the Discovery Channel. He's done a couple of Skypes with them. Mike and others will be going to places regular people can't get to and seeing if they can find some gold. If you've had some place you've always wished you could get to, let Mike know so he can see if he can get there for you. If nobody has a claim on it, he can make it right for everybody. Anything the Discovery Channel purchases for the show is conveyed to the people.

The News article done about our club at K-River: Mike has only found photos. Someone said there were archived news. The club did find gold there. BLM has an App with maps that can be downloaded to you phone with locations.

Mike talked about Lake Superior, known for its clean water and wonderful Agates. He went snorkling looking for some big ones- he didn't find any. 10 years ago, he was looking on Google Earth. He was checking striations made by glaciers, and there was an area bulldozed in Canada. He followed the lines to where he now has his gold claim. With a friend, they planned to check 13 miles either side of the State Park. They started at the bottom of the stairs to the beach and hit Gold the first time! It's very small. That is the Lake Superior Gold that the new people got. Mike goes every year and several club members have joined him. The area where Ken fell & left skid marks has now been washed away. In arroyos, look for low pressure areas where the water slows down. That's the first place the gold will settle. That is not what happens on a beach. In the winter time, ice bulldozes the sand and piles it up. In the Summer time, the waves start eating at it, dragging it back into the water. Wind will change the direction the gold will lay out. The first day they arrive at a
location, they just go out with pans & shovels and do test panning. They want to find at least 8-10 pieces of gold in one pan. Where they dig, there will be about 25-30 layers of black sand from different wave episodes. Nature does most of the work sorting the heavy elements from the light sand. Some years, Mike's gotten 40 pieces in a pan. A major storm came along, wiped out their pile from the day before as well as some trees. Mike thought his original pile of black sand was plastered against the bank. It actually went elsewhere. There was new black sand with a couple red garnet layers which are coarser and grab more gold. One handful had 36 pieces. It was in the
area that Mike thought was the old black sand. After panning the handful, the moral was to never take anything for granted and assume it was old material due to being in a previously checked location. He showed a vial with what he estimated to be 400,000? (a lot) pieces.

A bunch of people are making different types of mats to work with the Gold Cube. Mike made videos of the tests and will show the videos to the manufacturers only, so far not to the general public. People who have purchased Mike's Gold Cube are putting other Manufacturers mats in, and they are not working as well.

We asked our members where they had been in the last month. One was Fair Play Colorado and another to Mount Crested View. They didn't find any gold, but they did find some small pyrite.

If you plan to go prospecting somewhere and wouldn't mind company, let the club know. Contact an officer & we can get something together.

The October meeting (Friday the 13th) will be elections:
President: If you still want Mike Pung, he'll be happy to serve, but as things happen with the Gold Shows & TV offers, you may have to deal with times without him.
Vice President: Ken Daley- Bennet?
Claims Officer: Paul Southerland-
Secretary: new one needed for sure - Bennet?
Treasurer: We hope to keep Lester Allen, but we will not tag it with the Secretary position.

The nominations will be at the first part of the meeting and the election will be the last part of the meeting.

A question was asked: What is the best way to move a big rock?
Some of the suggestions were, Winches, Pulleys, Rock Popping & Sierra Blasting. Lester used a car jack. Rescue bladder balloons is another option. Was a great discussion.
Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Directions to Blackburn and Phone number for Bert Cramer

From OKC go north on I-35 to the second Perry exit #186 and turn right onto HWY 64 east bound.
Head east on Hwy 64 for 42.8 miles and turn north onto Blackburn Road,
Drive 6.1 miles to 5th street and then 1/2 mile through town to the bridge.,-96.6038611/36.3754816,-96.5944788/@36.3745064,-96.5963361,15.51z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0
There will be people there starting Friday night but call Burt to coordinate things. 405-620-3318


Officer Phone Email  
PRESIDENT Mike Pung 405-736-6282  
VICE PRESIDENT Ken Daley 405-626-5920    
SECRETARY Teresa Orosco 405-454-6756  
TREASURER Lester Allen 405-769-6237  
CLAIMS DIRECTOR Paul Southerland 405-738-0371