How Do I Get Started?

The best way to join the GPAA is to take advantage of the "Prospectors Special".
This television-advertised special includes a one-year membership; a 14" professional" Gold Catcher" gold pan;
subscriptions to Gold Prospector magazine and the Pick & Shovel Gazette; a current GPAA Mining Guide
and Prospecting Permit; GPAA field cap, window decal, bumper sticker, membership card and snuffer bottle;
and a 60-minute Sure-Fire Panning Methods VHS video. The Prospectors Special is a popular and inexpensive
way to begin enjoying this rapidly-growing, rewarding form of outdoor family membership.
Guests (no more than four at a time, please) also are welcome with you on GPAA-listed properties.

The cost is $79.50
plus $7.50 shipping & Handling
California residents, please add $3.44 sale tax
Canadian orders, please add $18.00(US)

Print this form, detach and fill in the section below and mail to:
Gold Prospectors Association of America
P.O. Box 891509
Temecula , CA 92589-1509

You bet I want to join the GPAA. Sign me up for the Prospectors Special...
____My check in the amount of $____________is enclosed

____Please bill my AmEx Disc M/C Visa




Credit Card#___________________________________________________Exp._______________________________


please allow two to four weeks for delivery

Gold Prospectors of
Oklahoma City Chapter 21
19021 Rockspring Dr.
Newalla, Ok 74857